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Our Products are delivered in 4-5 business days in the states of USA and 7-10 days for international shipment with free shipping worldwide. Tracking number shall be emailed once available. In case of any questions or delivery issues you can always reach out to us at our 24/7 support email at support@karacus.com for immediate assistance.


Having trouble with your product? Our customer service is here to help. Please read the FAQ below. Terms and conditions apply.

  1. What is the period of warranty? The period of warranty for all products is 1 year.
  2. What is the period for refund? The period for refund is 15 days from the date of delivery. If you are having a problem with the product, just drop in an email for refund stating problem encountered/reason for return to support@karacus.com to claim refund. Note- If you are delivered a physically damaged/defective product, the claim for refund has to be made within 5 days from delivery date as mentioned in point 3. The product has to be returned in the same packaging. Refund will be applied only on the grounds of product malfunction, geniune manfacturing problem and not based on users preference.
  3. What if I am delivered a physically damaged or defective product?If you are delivered a physically damaged or defective product kindly email to support@karacus.com within 5 days after delivery to report the problem along with a snapshot of physical damage.
  4. Why a snapshot of physical damage?We would need to analyze the source of problem and to ensure it does not happen in future.
  5. How long do you take to respond to emails?We will get back to you within 2 business days and provide you support.
  6. What if I report product physical damage after 5 days from date of delivery?If reports are made for physical damage to any part of the product after 5 days from date of delivery, it would be considered as human handling error and will not be applied for refund/exchange.
  7. Does warranty apply for operating problem/non functionality of product/sofware errors (no physical damage/handling error)?Yes, such product errors apply for 1 year warranty. Physical damage to any part of the product including both exterior body or interior circuit board would void warranty as it would be declared as human handling error.  
  8. How to claim warranty?Simply drop in an email to support@karacus.com to report problem encountered with the product along with proof of purchase/delivery/order ID date and mentioning the store of purchase to claim warranty first. We will respond, collect your details and tell you to ship the product at our company address. We will repair or even replace with a new product and ship it back to your address. Kindly be advised that the warranty claimed product complies with all the warranty claim guidelines. If upon inspection the product does not comply with the guidelines, it would be sent back upon request. If indications are made for legit warranty claims our customer service team will process warranty claims as soon as possible.


  1. An applicant reseller confirms that they have read the "Policies" page and will follow all policy guidelines for return/exchange/warranty if applicable and agree to comply with the same policies and practices for Karacus products on their respective selling channels. 
  2. An applicant reseller agrees to sell products at different channels according to our MAP policy which declares that the products cannot be sold at a value below the prices advertised on our website. Karacus has full authority to only allow selective retailers to configure minimum advertised price upon choice. 
  3. Products being dropshipped for a reseller to thier customer must provide thier own shipping address in case of returns which do not comply with Karacus return policies. The reseller may stock that product or take full responsibilty to resell the same.
  4. An applicant reseller agrees to share any further information regarding business sales, business development, customer service etc in between the program on request of Karacus to assure quality services.
  5. An applicant reseller agrees to the fact that Karacus can suspend the account of reseller upon failure to comply with Karacus policies, suspicion of fradulent activities, unauthorized credit card transaction, customer complaints and suspend all services effective immediately to ensure a safe environment for Karacus, resellers and buyers.