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Karacus Wearable Technology 



When technology and fashion join hands, the outcome is Karacus. Through progressive, consistent products and services; brilliant people; a liable approach to business and global nationality; and partnership with our partners and customers, we the Karacus team is taking the world in creative new directions.Karacus introduces three new wearable technology watches that are fine examples of high end technology punched with a tinge of fashion- ZETA and PROXIMA.

Karacus SmartWear Technology – Made Keeping You In Mind

Our attractively, innovative range of SmartWear technology gives you the liberty of choice. From health, to business and everything in between, improve every moment.





Karacus is to Wear and Love it

Receive and answer to notifications immediately. Track your  everyday movement. Control your music at your finger tips. With  Karacus Watches, vital information and important features are always just a rise of the wrist away. Karacus smart watch company products let you do stuff you do every day, more easily and suitably and  as well as  engage inloads of things that just weren’t  possible before.






A perfect companion to your phone

TheKaracus smart watches let you view and respond to various notifcations and messages pushed from your phone to watch easily through watch app. It tracks your fitness through pedometer sensor, captures moments, plays music and provides you the option of extending more information and apps on your watch through its vast storage and app download capability. Karacus smart watches are also equipped with dedicated cameras and simcard slots to make the devices standalone besides limiting it only to Bluetooth operation.


Smart watches with simcard: A revolution

Besides limiting the watches to only Bluetooth  connection  to your  phone, Karacus smart watches  consist of simcard  slots which make the device stand alone to  operate in its own network. You can  further better your  user experience by using Bluetooth  headset to  talk  comfortably  though you can still do fine with just  the watch  itself,  thereby increasing your connectivity to the world at  ease. Imagine  your phone battery dies or phone  network  is simply  not available  then your Bluetooth  watch is left  useless as it was  totally Bluetooth dependent on your  phones network. Therefore you might be left  with  no  network at all to make those important calls in case of  emergencies. Many people  like carrying multiple phones  and  numbers to increase connectivity but having 2 or 3 phones in our pockets can get really uncomfortable. Karacus, one of the leading smart watch companies provide you that functionality strapping comfortably  on  your wrist making sure youre always connected.  Also the  simcard lets you stay connected at ease while doing any sort  of physical  exercise as we  all  know that there is always a chance of our  phones falling  down from our pockets while running or  involved  in any  other sports  activity. With Karacus smart watches you can  simply use its  simcard as a new  number strapping comfortably on your wrist or  you can just  divert those incoming phone calls from  your phone left at home  to  your watch simcard new number by call forwarding. Its  that convenient!


As differentAs you are

Everyone about Karacus smart watch company is different. So Karacus introduces a range of tastes and styles. And you can make it even add a personal touch, to outfit the time or your mood by changing watch faces and customizing with new apps, anytime.


An addition of you

Whatever you’re looking for, take your mobile practice to the next level with Karacus SmartWear. Our variety of wearable technology and smart devices keep you on top of the moments that matter, gathering explicitvisions and helping you stay associated with the things you love, wherever you are.


Features of Karacus Wearable Technology

  • Everyday fitness

With intelligent sensor equipment, Karacus helps you set and touch all your ability goals.

  • Keep path of your day

Stay up to date with convenience  in receiving and sending messages and switchtune by touch or tap.

  • The liberty of choice

From watch faces to apps, customize your SmartWear by adding the personal touches that define you.

  • Beauty beyond the expected

SmartWear should feel like part of you; fitting in with your life and reflecting your identity. Our range helps you to express yourself, made with the finest materials and with the newest innovations to bring you skills beyond the everyday.

  • Everyday is a great new day

Journey of self-discovery with our innovative features and application in device. Working with SmartWear devices that enables you to track your activity during the day and perform tasks in a whole new experience. Discover the things you could never do and find yourself in a new light with karacus wearables.

  • Express your uniqueness

Beautifully planned to redirect your personality, our SmartWear wearable technology is compatible with designs from partners across the globe and more exciting experiences for you to enjoy.

  • Make it totally Karacus

Our Sole purpose is “Smart Technology Smart Future” and we are one of the leading smart watch companies introducing innovations with unique features so that you can see wearable technology and smart devices in a new light. Our addition of simcard slots gives your watch the ability to standalone also besides limiting its feature to only Bluetooth operation, thereby increasing your connectivity to the world at ease.

  • Make it totally on Android

SmartWear isn’t just select to Karacus users, indeed our wearable tech range is perfectly well-suited with any Android handset. So you can like all the benefits of SmartWear with Karacus.


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